The Office

I grew up doing homework and reading in bookstores and coffeeshops with my mom everyday after school.  Apparently as a result, I feel most comfortable and…think-y in coffeeshops. So I, alongside my best friend and fellow caffeine addict, venture to a new coffeeshop every week to write and art.

I figure I should start showing these places some love and write about them, so you’ll see me post about a new shop every so often. And if you’re in the Philadelphia area, you should definitely check them out. As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, I’m not a conventional person, and therefore these reviews probably aren’t like other reviews. Maybe they are, I don’t read reviews much. No doubt I’ll fly into tangents, but I will try to make sure I cover five factors that I think are important to have at an office worthy coffee shop. Those five factors are:

1.) The Coffee (obviously)

2.) The Service

3.) The Variety

4.) The Atmosphere

5.) The Bathroom (it’s important!)

Coffee rating will more than likely be based on the vanilla latte or whatever is closest to a vanilla latte on the menu, because that’s practically all my friend and I ever order. Variety is how expansive their menu is and if they have food or are around places to acquire food. ‘Atmosphere’ is a pretty vague and yuppie sounding term, but first off, I am a yuppie, and I don’t like my chi disrupted by the hands of children, terrible music, flies, or lagging wi-fi. And secondly, I forgot my second point. Probably because of this fly that’s been harassing me since I sat down. And that’s why I detest Anderson Hall.

Anyways, I’ve been to a ton of shops in Philadelphia, and I have a whole list of places to go next, buuuuut if you want to suggest other shops, I’m open to hearing! I seriously love coffee, and exploring is super fun, so please share.

And to go straight to a certain coffee post, click on the shop name below!

Rival Bros. Coffee Bar

Square One Coffee

Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery

Octane Coffee (Atlanta, GA)

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