Nate, @looked

I’ve only been talking about featuring awesome people on my blog for two years now, and it’s finally time I hop on that.

So sometime last year I met up with a mutual on Tumblr. He sent me a message saying he just started getting into photography and he liked my look and wanted to shoot with me. I’ve always been interested in modeling, but never knew how to start. So an amateur photographer paired with an amateur model seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We met in Old City and walked around, took pictures, and talked. Nate shot a bunch of candids mostly, and I posed for a few frames. It was really fun, nothing too serious or pressured. We definitely need to have another photo walk soon. Here are some shots from the day.

Here is some more of his work,

You can find him on Tumblr and Instagram.

Check him out!

I’ve Been Selfish and/or Lazy, My Bad

I’ve been a bad blogger, guys. And I’m sorry.

As I’ve looked over my stats over the past two weeks, I’ve noticed that some of my viewers have found me through a fellow blogger’s website. I didn’t understand how that happened, so I went to her page. She has a “Blogs I Follow” section on her sidebar and oh hey! There’s me right there with all those hats on! 

I must admit, in my year of having this blog, I have made feeble attempt to be an active member of the blogosphere, and that’s…not smart. It’s also kind of selfish. Not kind of, it’s incredibly selfish. And lazy. So I am making this post to tell you, and to tell myself that I will do better at that. I will read posts from my fellow bloggers just as regularly as I write my own entries. Because you people are fantastic. You make me laugh and cry and think new perspectives. And a lot of you found me first, because you Internet much better than I do and I have spent 2014 ignorant to blogging etiquette. But no more! Thanks for teaching me through doing. It took me a minute but I got it down now, and I can’t wait to support the great works you do as time goes on.

So I changed up my blog layout. Not a whole lot, but I did. Instead of scrolling into the oblivion of nonsense that is my never-ending rants, I set my page to feature my latest two posts. Scroll just past those two posts, and you’ll find the blogs I follow, and I encourage you to check them out sometime. You’ll also find my Twitter and Instagram, which you could also check out and/or follow if reading my thoughts here isn’t enough for you. But more important is my blogging community, which I have regrettably neglected to show love to.

Thanks people, that’s all I’ve got to say. I’ve been slow to post since my Java and Jokes on Hold. I really didn’t want to write anything new and random until I got that topic covered, but my thoughts were piling up so you’re about to get a barrage of things coming your way in the next few days, be it funny, serious, whatever. I will speak on this Black Lives Matter movement and my thoughts on all of the madness very soon. I haven’t forgotten! Just got drowned in information that may or may not even matter in the end. So be looking for that. Okay, bye!