I Did It. Happy Spring.

Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m so sorry. Did you miss me? Probably not, but I’m back anyways!

I missed you. I missed writing. My head feels like it’s going to explode. But it’s okay. Because you know what, guys?

I’m a winner. I won. Me. Winning.


Becauuuuuse, guess who made it out of the winter without scales???



This one.

I did it, friends! I accomplished my season’s goal of NOT mutating into a horrible, human/reptilian-hybrid creature. Because last year, mannn, LAST YEAR

Spring 2014 came around and my legs were so dry, you could light a match on my shin. I was looking like I just walked off an Animorphs book cover.



It was bad, is what I’m saying. So bad that this year I set a goal to be less lazy. To try a little. To moisturize. To care. Just a smidge more. I really didn’t think I had it in me, honestly. I was fully prepared to just wear jeans everyday throughout the Spring and Summer just to go through the whole cycle yet again next year. It just wasn’t gonna happen. Lotion is too cold, limbs are too long, alarm clocks are too snooze-able.

But all of those doubts can shove it, okay?


And I’m also really soft, it’s pretty flipping rad. Like, you should feel me! Wait, does that sound wrong? It does.. It definitely does. Disregard that, I’m sorry. I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone, but I can’t. Shouldn’t. Won’t. No.

Seriously, don’t feel me. Keep your feels to yourself. Thank you.

But you can give me a high-five, because I so deserve one. You know I do. I’ll be expecting that next time I see you.

Before I go, I should acknowledge my support. I would like to thank: Lotion. The idea of putting my lotion on top of the heater. Water, which I decided to drink more of. Showers at night, where I don’t have to rush out of my house and be…of society. And my job, for understanding that I’m not functional before noon and scheduling me for evening shifts only. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Here’s to next winter!

Springtime and Spirit Animals

It’s Spring! You might be thinking, yeah…it’s been Spring for a while now, genius.

But up here it hasn’t felt very Spring-like until maybe a week or two ago. So get off my back!

Spring is so lovely. People are outside having a good time. Students at school are skateboarding and sitting out on the lawn. I didn’t even know so many kids went to my school. It’s great, everyone out enjoying the sun, because that means more opportunities for me to make friends! Winter was a very solemn time in my life…

LonelinessSo cold…so lacking in cuddles, so dark.. Haunting.

Uh, let’s move on.

I got off work the other day and headed back over to school. My shift is the period before dinner time, so we get a new order of pizzas for the front. That means the left over pizzas have to be thrown out because we can’t sell anything that’s been on the line too long. They aren’t bad or unsafe to eat, we just can’t sell them for health code laws and whatnot. So if there’s a lot to trash, I’ll take a box or two with me so they won’t go to waste. I usually take it to school and give it to my friends, but they weren’t around that day. So I sat at the bell tower with my box and knitted for a while, thinking about how to get rid of the pizza.

As I’m chilling, this girl walks up and sits kind of near me and looks over.

“What’s in that box?”

“Pizza, would you like some?”

“Do you have any without cheese?”

I checked, because we do have a vegan pizza and I had thrown a bunch of different kinds in there. No luck though. She asked why I had a big box of pizza, so I told her about my job. Then she helped me call people over to take some slices. We got rid of all the pizza in a few minutes. I feel as though it’s an unwritten rule that if you reject free pizza, you fail at college.

We started talking about a bunch of random things while we sat in the sun, like how much fail this semester’s been, and how pointless of a state Wyoming is.

What do you even do, Wyoming?

Then she asked me what I thought my spirit animal was.

I thought about it for a moment, trying to think of some magnificent creature, or something off the wall…

“Probably a cat.”

“Just a cat? Why?”

I mean after pondering it for that second, I realized who am I kidding? I’m not that complex.

I’m moody, affectionate strictly on my own terms, I stay up all night. I’d sleep all day if the world didn’t function exclusively during daytime hours. I get myself into the strangest situations and unplanned adventures on a daily basis, and to top it all off, I spend all of my leisure time playing with yarn.

We had a good, long laugh. Her’s was no better. I mean not everyone can be a tamandua or a…giraffe. I’m not one of the exotic, but that’s okay. Me and my cat spirit are doing quite well, living as large as a cat would desire. So yeah, what’s your spirit animal? I asked my coworker today, and she said her’s was Nicki Minaj… So uhmm…the possibilities are endless I guess, but I would like to hear yours. Okay bye now.