951 Holla!

You know those random facts and obscure skills that fill the space in your mind you need for stuff that will actually help you in life? I actually utilized one of those the other day! And I got a new friend.

I was working at the pizza shop, and a call came through. It was a representative of the local college asking us to be a part of this event they were putting together on campus. We had apparently participated in the past. I remembered taking this same call last week, so I asked him for his name and number this time to give to my manager. He said it was his cell number and I started writing it down. 951…

“Wait a minute, are you from California?”

“Ummm, yeah? How’d yo-”

“Your area code. I’m from Corona!”

“Oh wow, I’m from Riverside, hiya neighbor!”


I’m glad there weren’t any customers in the shop, because they would have been waiting a while for pizza. We had a lovely conversation, Mystery California Caller and I. Talking about California, how we ended up in Philly, yadda yadda, words and phrases.

New Friend called yet again today. My manager has yet to return his message. He introduced himself on the phone and I cut him off.

“Is this my California friend?”

“Oh hey, Riverside-y! ….no, no, I’m gonna call you SoCal. What’s up?”

“Oh y’know, pizza mostly…”

My assistant manager looked so confused, and asked why I was taking personal calls at work. Hah, if only I were that normal.

So yeah, my unnecessary, extensive knowledge of random US area codes earned me a new friend that I’ve never met and possibly never will meet! I was quite excited to learn that those few brain stems aren’t just wasting away, so unneeded. What random facts or pointless skills have benefited you recently? I’d like to hear.

UPDATE: I met my new friend today at work! He worked out an arrangement with the store and his event and he came in for a slice today! He was pretty cool. We were talking about school and church back in California, twas a good time. I wanted to give him a hug, but I decided against it. Perhaps another time. Also, he looked exactly how he sounded. Does that even make sense? Well, you know how you kind of can imagine what someone looks like based on their voice? Like radio personalities and such. Sometimes when you finally see them, they look nothing like you had imagined, like Tom Joyner and Bobby Caldwell were for me. Well not my Riverside friend. He looked just like he sounded, and that was nice. So score! I have actually met my new friend. It’s been a good day.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m not one for making formal resolutions but I will be making some changes and improvements in my life. Here’s my list.

  1. Exercise and Eating Habits

This is nothing special, I know that’s practically everyone’s goal. I’ve been riding on my constantly growing height which allowed me to eat anything, and everything, all day, everyday, and not gain an ounce. Problem is, I’ve finally hit six feet and if I grow anymore I’ll cry. So I think, or at least I hope I’m done getting taller. I figure I ought to develop a better lifestyle before it gets really difficult when I get older. And by then, it’d probably be too late. More a matter of reversal than a matter of prevention, and that’s much harder. So yes, that. I will be eating better and implementing some exercise in my life.

2.   Stay in Touch

I love all of my friends and family. I’m sure they don’t always feel the love though, and I’m going to make more of an effort to get that message across from here on out. I live my life lost in thought most of the time, and I’m not very expressive emotionally. Growing up, I moved around quite often, and as a result, keeping in touch with loved ones isn’t second nature to me. On top of that, phones freak me out and I can’t stand calling people. I answer my cell with my work greeting by accident all of the time, because that’s the only time I’m ever on the phone. So yeah, that too. I will be sure to keep in contact with my family, because they are amazing, and my friends, because I’d be crazy without them.

3.   Improve my Skills

          Knitting and crocheting is kinda my thing. I learned when I was 7, I didn’t actually start making things until I was around 12. And then ’til high school my repertoire was exclusively composed of squares and rectangles. Oh, and trapezoids when my projects when terribly wrong. I have since added circles to my range of skills, and I make hats. With heavy assistance, I have made wool boots and a pair of socks. But it’s about time I expand again, so this year I’m going to learn how to knit cables and read patterns.

More skills to improve on would be my media skills. Considering the fact that I am studying Emergent Media in school and I aspire to be a content creator/social media consultant, I am taking it upon myself to learn as much as I can. It starts with WordPress! Next up will be Photoshop and Final Cut. I’ll more than likely post my creations up here as well, so give me feedback! And don’t be too mean, I am but a student!

4.   日本語 and Español

My language learning took a back seat this last semester in school. The class I need for Japanese isn’t available until the Spring, so I’ll be squeezing some time out of my days to practice. I’ve forgotten so much already, I’m afraid to see where I’d end up in the Spring if I didn’t review now. And I just want to learn Spanish, it’s getting to a point where it’s almost fundamental for any job. So yes, that. My Spanish speaking friends ought to beware, because I’m going to drive you loco asking you to teach me Spanish. Thanks in advance lovelies!

Those are my main goals for the year 2014. I hope everyone had a great time last night ringing in the new year. I worked downtown and saw the fireworks and danced with my coworkers all night. I was working, but it was a great time. So here’s to everyone making 2014 awesome. Happy things!