Java and Jokes On Hold

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and everything is wrong. It’s obvious that I can no longer say nothing. It’s obvious that I can no longer be ignorant. So, Ferguson.

I was walking to City Hall on my way home Monday night when I cluelessly walked into a protest trying to get to the subway line. I was thinking, huh, that’s a lot of people waiting to go ice skating, how peculiar… Then I was amongst the crowd and, still unaware of what was happening, figured I.. should.. go. I found out shortly afterwards, thanks to Instagram and Twitter, that yet another injustice has been made in the way of civil rights and race relations and police relations and everything else this case pours into.

Now I’m in Atlanta, spending the holiday with my fam, and what’s on the television? A report of 24 protesters getting arrested last night downtown.

So no selfifes today, coffee can wait, tirades aside, America you have my attention. And I admit I’ve held tight to my little bubble in the World Wide Web where everything is all about me and oh my God cats, instead of directing my focus to the disarray that is the world. Because that’s hella depressing and I’ve got too much being fabulous to be worried about all that. If it’s any consolation, the ignorance has not been blissful at all. My chi has been irreversibly disrupted, and it’s time to do something. So forgive me, please.

One thing I will not do. I will not join in the yelling of the angry un/mis-informed. I have a lot of reading ahead of me, because I’ve heard too much contradicting banter about the topic, and I don’t know what is what. But I feel called to do something, and while I shamefully know little detail of the Michael Brown case, what does make sense to me through my ignorance is that change needs to be made.

I’m sure protesting does…something. I, personally don’t see the effect. Enlighten me, please. But I do find great power in words. So somebody tell me where I can direct my words to enact change. Like demanding policies for this country’s police force to have body cameras on the job, or some other way to hold them accountable for their actions.

We’re mad. Cool. Yell about it. Tweet about it. Hashtag the hell out of it. Awesome. But can we channel all of that into something feasible, for Mike Brown and every case like him? Something constructive. Let’s not Occupy this jawn. We’re going to really do something.

More on this when I’m all research-ed up, and I encourage you to do your own reading as well. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving. Things are bleak, but there is much to be thankful for. Don’t lose sight!