It’s been, what? Five weeks since school started? I’d say fall semester is officially in full effect. It no longer feels new. My classes are now cemented into my routine. I have synced up coffee breaks in between classes with my friends. I know the names of all of my professors now. I MADE A FRIEND on the first day of class!

Okay that’s kind of a lie, it was technically the second day of school.

And then I made MORE FRIENDS! And I fixed my schedule so I have Thursdays free. So feel free to yell at me on the interweb when I fail to put up a new post every week. I kinda have no excuse.

But yeah, I have good feelings about this semester.

One thing that just won’t stop being foreign, though, is the trek to my Japanese class every morning. My class is in this one building on campus, the liberal arts and humanities building. It’s one of the older buildings that has yet to be renovated or replaced. And boy can I not wait for the day… How I hope it’s next on the list to be destroyed.

I had a class in that building, Anderson Hall, last semester, on the second floor. I didn’t have much trouble getting to that class every day. So, naturally, I went in the same direction to class as I knew from last year, since my Japanese class was also located on the second floor.

I get to the second floor, which I should mention is technically the third floor, because the first floor is for some reason considered the “lower level.” Note this. Note it.

So I get to the second floor, and I look for room 206. Walking down the hall, I see 201…203…202…204…205…207…

209, 208…end of the hall. No more classrooms. That’s weird, how did I miss a room? I swear I looked at every door…

I doubled back. No 206 to be found. What the feezy??? How do you have a whole hallway full of classrooms EXCEPT for one? More specifically, the one I need. Does 206 simply not exist? Is it like hotels not having a 13th floor(or 4th floor in Asia)? Is it like how we don’t have a 14th street here in Philly? So where is my class then? Am I on the wrong floor?

I walked downstairs to the first floor, which is really the second floor. Nothing is on this floor but a bunch of lounge chairs scattered about. It’s like a weird lobby, and it has stairways everywhere. Like what the heck?

It’s like The Magician’s Nephew with all the puddles leading to everywhere, y’kno?

I went back up the next stairway I saw. It led me to some alternate second floor. It was not the same place I was before. I walk from one end of the hall to the other, again not finding 206. Now I’m late, and now I want to burn this building to the ground. Where the heck is my class? このクラスはどこですか!!!!!

I walk over to where the elevators are, just prepared to blow off my class, and lo and behold. In between the elevators is this weird little corner with a classroom. Room 206. I had arrived, only ten minutes late. And I had only arrived on campus ten minutes early. Yeah.

So I learned that the best route to class is the elevator. I can avoid that weird purgatory-esque lobby, and end up right at my class. Great. Until…

Sometime last week, I’m on my way to class. I walk into Anderson, I get onto the elevator, and there’s this girl rushing towards the elevator. I hold the door for her, and a couple other people file in too. We all press the buttons for our floors, 10, 4, 8, and 2. This girl looks at the the button panel, obviously felt like she hadn’t made any enemies in a while, scoffed and yelled, “TWO?!?” And she scanned the space seeking some chuckles from the others in the elevator.

I’m certain she felt the instant pang inside when I shot a gaze at her that cut like a freaking ginsu knife, because she started backtracking, saying how she was only joking. Too late girl, welcome to my shit list. How dare you judge my life? Who do you you think you are? HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN IN THIS LABYRINTH OF A PLACE? It gives me stress and I don’t need your judgement. I am well aware that I am an able bodied individual with legs that function properly and I can use the stairs to the second floor. But first off, I’m going to the third floor, and second I don’t have all the time in the world for Anderson to suck away from my life getting lost to the first, but really second floor where stairways go to die. I refuse to let this building win. So how about you mind your business and shut your mouth? The nerve of some people, I swear.

One of my friends was told that Anderson is built like a headache in physical form because it’s meant to be “riot proof.” So in the event that students try to riot, they can’t even find each other due to each floor being divided into like four different sections, all impossible to get to unless you went back downstairs and up another random stairwell. Thanks a lot liberal art majors. Your insanity back in the day led to the torment of us all. I guess when they built the place, they had no clue that future generations would become too enthralled in their own lives and basic behavior to care about things like children starving, or…chipmunks getting punted into volcanoes in countries halfway across the world, or something. I don’t know what’s going on out there, guys. Twitter hasn’t kept me hip to that stuff. I digress…

But yeah, besides that, I have a good feeling about this semester.