Casper Stay Inn

I stumbled onto a cool find when I saw that my friend, Cosmo Baker was DJing a sleep event at the Institute of Contemporary Art back in June.

Yeah, a sleep event.

There’s this mattress and bedding company called Casper, and they held a screening of “The Science of Sleep” by Michel Gondry along with a complimentary open bar and tour of the gallery as Cosmo spun a set.

Free alcohol? Sleeping in public spaces? Chill music? Three of my favorite things mixed together in one event that may as well have been tailored just for me?

I RSVP’d immediately.

Sadly, I had to cover a shift at work and couldn’t make it.

I heard it was a great time, so I was bummed I missed it.

But a month later, I received an email from a Casper representative informing me that they were back in Philly for a weekend long napping event at The Schmidt’s Commons(I mean The Piazza, because we all know nobody is trying to call it that for another few years) and that I should come. They’ve spent the whole summer travelling across the country with their “nap pod” trailer where people can book 15-minute naps. Doing so allowed people to try out Casper mattress, pillows, and sheets first hand. They also had staff there to provide further information and answer any questions.

I was intrigued yet again. I really can’t think of a better way to sell mattresses and bedding than to have potential customers actually go to sleep on your product. Anyone can lay on a comfy mattress and confirm that it is indeed comfy. But how are you supposed to know if it’s your kind of comfy until you go to sleep?

Booked myself a nap for Saturday.

Missed it again.

So why am I reviewing this?

While my experience with Casper has not included how great their bedding probably is, I can say that they have fantastic customer service. I’ve corresponded with their representative, Alyse, since the ICA event, and she encouraged me to write about the company and US tour even though I couldn’t make it to the Stay Inn. My good friend, Marisa, has featured Casper on her blog too, for their “Own Your Bed Head” project a few years back.

I can’t wait until Casper comes back to Philly so I can add to this and tell you how comfy the beds are. Alyse said she’d keep me posted. In the meantime, if you’re in the Dallas area, Casper is headed your way for their last stop of the Stay Inn Summer tour. You should check them out this weekend, September 8-10. Give them a social media shout out and let me know what I’m missing.


Introducing…The Words

I promise my rants, stories, and random thoughts aren’t going anywhere, but I’ve wanted to add some different content on my site for a while now. I started The Inspiration, which showcases my fellow artist friends, last week with Nate, (@looked on Tumblr).

I’ll also be talking about businesses and products I like, events I attend, and most importantly, the coffee shops that fuel all my pursuits and where I get my writing done. But I have another tab for you too.

I posted about how I missed reading on the socials the other day. Turns out I’m not the only one in my circle who wishes they read more often, and a friend and I agreed to start a reading group. I’m also going to have some Barnes & Noble chill out days with another friend. Maybe we’ll tie them all together, who knows?

What I do know is that my friends and I want to review culturally relevant writing as well as classics we ignored in grade school; I’d like to really digest the words this time, and share our discussions with you. I invite you to read along too, and share your revelations with me.

You’ll find those reviews under The Words link on my site. We’re starting with Hiroshima by John Hersey, because we both skimmed it in high school. I just bought my copy today!