English and All its Wonders

So I was taking a stroll yesterday. I was coming up to 12th Street, and I looked up at the street signs. I found myself stopping to stare at 12th Street for a minute or two. Why? Because have you ever really looked at the word twelfth before? It’s a weird word!


How are you supposed to pronounce twelfth? Do you pronounce the or do you pronounce the th? After repeating the word way too many times during the course of me writing this post, I have discovered that I say twelTH…because forget the f! Who needs it? Not me.

I did attempt to pronounce all the sounds in twelfth, but it was awkward and difficult and no thank you. ~th all the way.

But I want to hear from you! Do you say twelth, twelf, or are you an overachiever and say twelFTH? Did I make you self conscious about it? I am now. Anyways let’s end this. Good days and happy things!


Apparently Scandal is a really good show. I’ve never seen it. But I have an aunt that has viewing parties, I just hear people talking about it, and I see it quite often on facebook. I have absolutely no clue what it’s even about, but I assume something about scandals…or maybe just one big scandal, naturally.

So I work at a restaurant, and the other day I checked up on one of my tables while they were having a conversation about the latest Scandal episode. These were two little older white ladies, as cute and friendly as could be. They asked if I watched Scandal, and when I replied no, they commenced telling me all about it and how I should start watching.

There’s one thing I really love about older people. And that’s their lack of a filter. Old people pretty much say whatever they want. It doesn’t matter whether their words were malicious or harmless, you do nothing, because old people do what they want.

So back to these ladies. They raved and raved about Scandal and they didn’t just say I needed to watch the show. One of the women said to me, “You have to watch the show! You have a duty to your…black ‘sistas’ to see it!”

Duty..to my….black sistas? Yes, sistas, not sisters. I don’t get offended over things like that, it’s really funny to me. I just wonder sometimes how people end up saying offputting things so nonchalantly. I am black, but I don’t personally identify myself as any individual race. People ask me “what I am” so much that now I just say ‘other.’ Was it because I’m like…diet black that she felt comfortable saying anything? I don’t know, it’s not important I guess. But those ladies were cute, even though they threw me off with that. Happy things.