Me    Hi there, my name is Stormy! Welcome to my blog, The Spazmatazz.

I live in Philadelphia. I go to school for social media. Yeah, that’s a thing now! I spend a lot of my time lost in thought. I escape my mind every once in a while and write about it, and you’ll see those experiences here! I started this blog at random as a hobby but I discovered how much  I really enjoy writing and I’ve been encouraged to keep doing it because you guys think I’m funny or something. Neat stuff, right! So here I am, helloooo. Fitting for the name, this blog will be random.

You will see posts about:

nonsensical late night questions I ask myself

random stories from my childhood

rants and tirades against nothing in particular

the occasional deep thought or two




my awkward adventures going to parties or getting lost or hugging strangers

knitting and crocheting

being blackish

fumbling through life as a kind-of adult

And I’ll give you a Philly coffee tour on my page too, since coffeeshops are where I write all of this stuff!

So if you’re my kind of crazy, let’s be friends…orrr have as close to a friendship as one can reading someone’s blog. Thanks for reading!

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Yo Maya, i love this blog(this is a blog right?) you are so smart and funny and sarcastic, and a wonderful writer, blogger, and your so pretty, and nice and I am glad to know you. I really like your commentary and perspective very much. Keep up the great work, Sugar!!

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