Are You Ready For Some Garbage???


It’s happened enough times where I shouldn’t even bother explaining myself. I keep failing to get on this site and write. And I’m all out of excuses, because my mind is literally exploding with things to tell you and has been for quite some time.

So let’s not get into the plethora of why’s and just keep it pushing. But REALLY pushing.

I’m not talking like a cat slowly pushing a glass off a table.

I’m not talking like you push an old lady along to the other side of the street.

Nah, we’re pushing out BABIES.

We’re pushing ENVELOPES.

What am I even talking about? I already lost my damn point…

Well that kinda is my point, actually. In that, this pushing along means I am going to seriously commit to writing more often.

All of my mentors throughout the years have advised me to write every single day. Whether or not I feel like it, whether or not I have anything to write about. The advice didn’t even come exclusively from writers. So it’s just some general knowledge thing that I’ve ignored for years I guess.

Well, I got the message, finally. So here’s the deal. I am going to be writing more posts.

They may be short. They may be all over the place. They may end abruptly. They may be garbage. Many will most likely be garbage.

But I will be writing and getting my thoughts out without letting my worries keep me from publishing. That’s what’s been keeping me silent. I don’t know how to close in an article, or I feel like I’ve been really serious lately and want to wait to post when I have something comical to say.

Nope, fuck that. If I thought it, and wanted to share it, it’s getting shared. For better or for worse.

So brace yourselves and I apologize in advance.

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