News: Exciting or Nah

I’ve convinced myself.

After too many years of entertaining the idea and then doing exactly jack-squat about it, I am going to finally make videos on Youtube.

My tripod is in the mail as we speak.

Well, as you read…

Or depending on when you read this, perhaps as I type…

Whatever, my tripod is in the mail guys, I am really doing this. Because I know reading the nonsense I write isn’t enough for you. So now you get to hear it and see it come out of my face, which I’ve been told once, is kinda pretty. Yeah, you’re welcome.

But you should still read the nonsense I write too, because reading is fundamental and junk.

I just wanna be all the log. Blog and vlog. All the log. Unless there are more logs that I don’t know about,


I’m gonna be LOG, all of it entirely.

So, video. My next conquest.

Catch me on Youtube soon, same name as everywhere: thespazmatazz

There’s nothing up there yet. But that’ll change soon. And if you have any ideas for what I should talk about on camera, shoot them at me. Because it’s not like I know what I’m doing.

This’ll be fun. I’m excited. Are you excited? I assume you said no just to be a poophead, so GET EXCITED FOOL.

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