Much Ado: Facebook Replies

I know it’s futile to sit around and complain about how the free and completely voluntary application known as Facebook keeps making changes that I don’t like, but like hell if that’ll stop me from yelling! And there are a lot of trivial things that inexplicably enrage me, so welcome to my new series of posts Much Ado About Nothing, or Much Ado for short. Now if you’ll excuse me…

I’m a little late on this but I only began paying attention in the past few days. So, uhm…what is with this reply thing on comments on statuses?

I thought I liked it at first, but now I’m having mixed feelings. For every convenience it brings, it also dredges up the fact that the flaws of formats past were exactly what I liked.

It’s kind of ruining everything I know and love, is what I’m saying.

So, it reduces unrelated notifications from friend’s posts that you made a comment on.


I can’t stand all those extra notifications of other comments that have nothing to do with your comment. Knowing about what your friends’ friends are saying after you is only interesting if you can continue engaging with the post, which doesn’t happen often enough to make these notifications less annoying.


That’s only annoying when it’s happening to YOU. TBH, I’m kind of a troll. And when I fly into a 75 comment thread with a friend, it amuses me to the moon and back when I get complaints from the sorry suckers who commented on my status before my best friend did, or who tried to join in on our nonsense and failed to keep up. Oh man, and when old posts you forgot you liked from two years ago resurface and my friends and I spend a week reviving the thread? Ahh, good times. For me, not so much for you. And that’s what makes it great.


The reply feature ensures that only the person you replied to receives a notification. The only hope for trolling is if some sorry sucker replies in the reply to my comment from my friend. Did you read that last sentence? IT’S SO CONVOLUTED, I DON’T LIKE IT.

So, it makes it easier to keep up with comments and keeps you from double posting to respond to mulitple people.


Anyone who grew up on forums knows the sin of double posting. Is that still annoying? It still pains me to do even though I’m pretty sure it’s no longer a rule of the web. So it’s nice to respond to each comment in its own separate little thread, especially if each comment on your status is irrelevant to the other.


Replies don’t count as comments. Meaning they don’t add to the number that comes up alongside your likes. Meaning I can make a 100 post thread in response to a comment on a status, and look back on that status to see 1 COMMENT

Regina George shocked


How ego crushing is that?! I don’t like my ego crushed. I’m obviously on social media platforms so I can dominate my little corner of the Internet and feel admired by my peers as I show off only the most fantastical highlights of my life and bury the mundane, the depressing, the strange and offputting, so people can think I am super human and impervious to hardship, duh.

But how am I supposed to do that when FACEBOOK WON’T LET ME FEEL POPULAR? If I can’t be regular famous, and I can’t be Internet famous, then what do I have left in the world!?!?!?!?

And you know how I said earlier that I can’t troll people’s notifications unless they join in on a reply thread…on a comment…on a status? Yeahh, I don’t want anyone to do that. If someone new joins in on a string of replies between me and a friend, I feel kind of violated. The reply section gives me a false sense of privacy between me and the person I replied to. Then I get a notification that Rando McCreeper liked my reply to Besti Friendstein. Whaaaat? Don’t do that. Why would you do that? Where did you come from? Can you go back?

Adding in on a comment thread of a status was understandable because my status was open for all to see. But now you’re segmenting the commentary into separate whole entities. Rando has to click extra buttons to see the dialogue. Like…say you and I are ghosts. We’re doing ghost things, being ghosts friends, sharing ghost gossip, when all of the sudden some living dude walks up and laughs at a joke we just made…



So What Do I Do??

Do I succumb to this new feature because it’s just how it is now? Or do I fight/ignore it and keep doing what I’ve always done? Does that make me old, the inability to adapt or accept change? Is my cyber vanity really that important that I need validation through attention statistics?


4 Replies to “Much Ado: Facebook Replies”

  1. Hahaha. Nice post Maya. I love your humor, it’s so different. Now, about this post… I found it to be incredibly informative considering I haven’t been on Facebook since mid February (and NO, I don’t plan on logging in any time soon). The changes “sound” pretty cool. But I can see your frustration hahaha. You rock Maya!

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    1. Thank you Thai, I always get excited when I see a comment from you on my writing! I’m glad I could brief you on the new changes, you are not missing A THING. I’ll speak for everyone in saying FB surely misses you, but I’m glad you’re free, please stay away! And let me know when you start your platform for your works so I can promote it!!!

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      1. Awww, that warms my heart. Haha and trust me, I will not be coming back. Like. At all. Facebook is just a big glob of nonsense. And actually, my blog site is officially up and running! I have posted two article on there already. The first one was just a tester to see how it would look on the site. The latest one is my first “official” post. Check it out anytime you wish :) the link is in my bio on IG, or just click this:


  2. Hahaha. I love reading your posts. The humor is great. I actually found this to be pretty informing, considering I haven’t so much as logged on to Facebook since late February. (I don’t plan on logging in ever again either) However, the convenient changes sound alright… Ehh. I don’t know. Good read!

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