Quarter-Life Crisis: DIY

It happened again. I was faced with the fact that I’m older. And this time I’m even older than I was the last time I complained. It just won’t stop.

Let me tell you about this adventure I had not too long ago.

After months in this new apartment, I finally decided to actually venture around and do stuff in town. There’s a Target and other stores right down the street from the complex within walking distance. I really wanted to get lost in stationary, and I also woke up with an insatiable craving for yogurt, so I was like hey! I’ll just take a walk over to Target and get the stuff I need, how CONVENIENT!!! I was very excited. I got dressed and started my walk.

Did I tell you about the layout of this apartment complex? I didn’t did I? Alrighty, well I swear this place is big enough to have its own zip code. Target is located down the road at the one end of the complex. And me? I live on the complete other end. I could have just walked to the main road for a straight shot to yogurt and stationary paradise, but of course I didn’t do that. I figured it would be faster to just walk through the complex to the other side. It doesn’t sound like it should be so bad, does it?

Well, it was so bad. In fact, it was worse.

This apartment complex is situated with a giant circle road in the center with a bunch of little windy roads stemming out from the main circle. I didn’t want to get lost on that circle, going down the wrong street and ending up somewhere that wasn’t Target. So instead of following any streets, I just went straight. In between buildings, across fields, whatever. As long as I went straight, I would surely get to the other side, right?

I got lost.

Every apartment looks exactly the same. I started questioning everything. How long have I been walking? Am I even going straight anymore? WILL THIS EVER END WHERE IS THE OTHER SIDE?!

It started raining. I wanted to give up and go back home, but wait…where is home? Where is anything??? This is how I die, I thought. Stuck in a sprawl of cookie cutter buildings that span out as far as I could see. In the rain. Phone dead. Tired and hungry for yogurt.  It was one of the darker moments in my life..

In my growing hopelessness, I wondered maybe if I just… sat on the ground, and cried, someone would come help me find my way home. And this is where it all set in. This is where I realized that I was an adult, and nobody is going to pity a grown woman crying in the rain over yogurt. This is where I figured in order to get out of this, I’m gonna have to do it myself. So I got myself together, and continued my trek. After such turmoil, I better get what I left the house for. I may be pathetic, but to be pitiful enough to accept defeat ought to be a sin.

I made it to Target. And I made it back home. I may have turned a 30 minute trip into a four hour journey, but hey. I got my yogurt. Bought myself some pens. I’ll get this adulting thing down eventually, you think? Maybe? Nah, I totally will. You’ll see.

4 Replies to “Quarter-Life Crisis: DIY”

  1. Goes to get yogurt at a Target right down the street
    -4 hours later-

    you made it though, YOU’RE A HERO! And this is your origin story!


    1. HOW AM I JUST SEEING THIS??? Hahaha I would go out on a limb and declare that one of the best origin stories in the history of ever. You make me feel so much less pathetic, thank you!!!


  2. This is the most beautiful and real thing I have read in awhile. You and I… we have a lot in common.


    1. Oh Jade, you are too sweet! Thanks so much, I appreciate the encouragement. I actually didn’t like this post and took a long time to publish it so your words mean a lot! We surely do seem to have much in common. I’m glad we connected, albeit a short while, during my time in Georgia.


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