A Short Post, Be Back Soon I Promise

Tonight marks the first day I use my new rice cooker. My step mother got it for me for Christmas. I’m so excited…perhaps too much so…

I put in rice. I put in water. I pushed the button.

But what’s that? It’s not doing anything. Is it working? How do I know if it’s working? There are no lights, where are the lights? Why aren’t there any lights to tell me RICE IS COOKING or GOOD JOB, ADULT PERSON MAKING FOOD FOR YOURSELF. I need something to tell me I am doing correct things!

I didn’t do correct things.

I never plugged it in.

I have a feeling this year’s goal of learning to make sustenance will go SWIMMINGLY WELL!

Don’t you think so?

I think so.

I can smell it.

It smells like rice.

Well…hopefully. There’s a light now.

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