I’ve Been Selfish and/or Lazy, My Bad

I’ve been a bad blogger, guys. And I’m sorry.

As I’ve looked over my stats over the past two weeks, I’ve noticed that some of my viewers have found me through a fellow blogger’s website. I didn’t understand how that happened, so I went to her page. She has a “Blogs I Follow” section on her sidebar and oh hey! There’s me right there with all those hats on! 

I must admit, in my year of having this blog, I have made feeble attempt to be an active member of the blogosphere, and that’s…not smart. It’s also kind of selfish. Not kind of, it’s incredibly selfish. And lazy. So I am making this post to tell you, and to tell myself that I will do better at that. I will read posts from my fellow bloggers just as regularly as I write my own entries. Because you people are fantastic. You make me laugh and cry and think new perspectives. And a lot of you found me first, because you Internet much better than I do and I have spent 2014 ignorant to blogging etiquette. But no more! Thanks for teaching me through doing. It took me a minute but I got it down now, and I can’t wait to support the great works you do as time goes on.

So I changed up my blog layout. Not a whole lot, but I did. Instead of scrolling into the oblivion of nonsense that is my never-ending rants, I set my page to feature my latest two posts. Scroll just past those two posts, and you’ll find the blogs I follow, and I encourage you to check them out sometime. You’ll also find my Twitter and Instagram, which you could also check out and/or follow if reading my thoughts here isn’t enough for you. But more important is my blogging community, which I have regrettably neglected to show love to.

Thanks people, that’s all I’ve got to say. I’ve been slow to post since my Java and Jokes on Hold. I really didn’t want to write anything new and random until I got that topic covered, but my thoughts were piling up so you’re about to get a barrage of things coming your way in the next few days, be it funny, serious, whatever. I will speak on this Black Lives Matter movement and my thoughts on all of the madness very soon. I haven’t forgotten! Just got drowned in information that may or may not even matter in the end. So be looking for that. Okay, bye!

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