Guest Blogger?!

Hi guys, I have some awesome news!

This Thursday, which isn’t really my official date for new posts, but it should be. I at least make an effort to do the writes every Thursday. Anyways,


I will be featuring a blog post authored not by yours truly, but by a fellow writer and good friend. So make sure you all welcome the lovely Sara Bella to the world of TheSpazmatazz! I am super excited to showcase her piece, and I think you all will enjoy it as much as I did. The two of us relate in that we are life observers, but where I rant and fly into tirades, Sara is very good at keeping the focus and touching on simple subjects with a deeper perspective, and I think everyone could take something away from it.

So please look out for her post on Thursday and leave a comment! She would really appreciate your thoughts and I want her to be more confident in her writing so she’ll throw some more entries my way to show off! And you’ll be hearing more rants from me next week :)

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