Keepin’ It Kosh

You know those friendships where you end up developing a new language between you and your friend? I have a couple of those. It gets hard to keep up on what is and isn’t a real word or phrase used by the general public after a while. Some terms I use so often, that I think they should just become a thing. It would make human interaction a whole lot easier,both for me and for the unfortunate strangers with whom I randomly spark conversation. And pretty much anyone who isn’t the best friend I make words with.


^^ A typical text from one of my friends…they love me though. Like, so much. ^^

One term I’m sick of people not knowing is KOSH. 

So before posting this, I asked my bestie what she wanted her name to be here on my blog. She will be known to you all as Agent M.

Minty Phresh

for minty phresh, obviously.

I don’t get it either guys. Somebody’s been watching Men in Black lately or something. But now that you’ve met…

Agent M and I love the song “Rock the Casbah” by The Clash. We quote it constantly. Why? I don’t know. It’s just a great flipping song.

So you know how the chorus says “Sharif doesn’t like it?” Yeah well towards the end they’re yelling random stuff during that part. And one of the guys shouts, “THINKS IT’S NOT KOSHER!” That would be our favorite part. And we declare things as being kosher and not kosher all the time. And we judge things by whether Sharif would like it or not. We’re not even Jewish. Well…I kinda am…maybe? I think so. Yeah, totally. Jewish people are awesome though, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if we borrowed their word. Right? It’s pretty much our fetch, except it will be a thing. One day.

We eventually shortened it to just ‘kosh.’ So you’ll see me refer to things as kosh in future writings. I thought I’d give you a heads up. Can we make that a new hashtag? Okay semi-new? I checked twitter. #keepinitkosh has been used twice ever. I’m taking it over. You heard it here first guys, #keepinitkosh: property of TheSpazmatazz and Agent M. Don’t you forget it.

Okay I’m done here. I’ve got some kosh to upkeep. Bye.

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