Your Life, as a Band Name

So I’ve been rewatching Parks and Recreation for the third or fourth time now. I love that show. And through all of Andy’s crazy band names I thought to myself, thinking up band names is a fun thing to do.

So my angle to this game is to use random aspects of my daily life for the band name. I love that about band names. You’ll never, or at least rarely know the reason behind the name. But people will still try to figure it out, much to the band’s amusement, I would imagine. So here are mine. This will be an ever growing list as I continue to, well…live life. I thought it’d be fun to post them here. So I’ll be deeming this post under construction. I’m not even going to explain myself with these, they are  completely open to interpretation. Enjoy.

Consistently Inconsistent

 Random Slivers


Transfer to Nowhere

SEPTA on Sundays

Baby Wrinkles

Cretin Crossing

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