Through The Eyes of a Fogey

I had to google the spelling of ‘fogey.’ I should note that I’m not saying it disrespectfully. The word fogey just makes me giggle.

You know the phrase, “through the eyes of a child?” Referring to how kids see the world as new and exciting and full of possibility? Whereas the rest of us, having lived enough life to have hopes dashed and dreams crushed, have become a little jaded? Yeah.. Well it hit me today, that in this new information age, where the digital world is almost as real as the physical one, you have to see things in the eyes of an old fogey to truly appreciate how amazing they are. Let me explain.

I got my first computer when I was like 5 years old, and I’ve never been without one since. Technology is cool, but it’s common to me. Social media is my major. I know how it works and how it’s used beyond recreational purposes.

So when my mom gets all excited and amazed over being recognized on the internet, I’m like…

A few days ago my mom randomly decided to make my cat the internet’s next big thing. I have no words… If you’re curious though, here’s his new facebook page:

I was not responsible for his name, let it be known. Had it been up to me, his name probably would have been Kimba.


The resemblance is uncanny.

I had a point…right, yeah. So Thai has a twitter account now. And Purina responded to one of his tweets. Guess who has yet to hear the end of it? Me, because my mom is ecstatic. And here I am trying to explain to her how hashtags work and how none of this is very surprising. This is marketing for the 21st century.

I can’t ruin her fun though. My view of the internet is pretty jaded just because I’m used to it. But I guess it’s nice to watch her get all excited. My mother, who calls any graphic she makes a ‘meme’ because the word is so new to her. It’s kinda like taking a tour of your hometown as a tourist, or taking a visitor around.

So this is what I’ve learned. Sometimes you’ve gotta take a step back. For the world around us, take a view through the eyes of a child. But for the world wide web, take a view through the eyes of an old fogey. Fogey, again, being used in the most endearing way.

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