Can I Hug You?

Most people, when they encounter celebrities or whoever they look up to, will ask for an autograph, or a picture or something.

Not me. The first thing to come out of my mouth is, “Can I hug you?” 

That’s seriously my first response. I volunteer at this anime convention every year, and because I’m busy being a crew member, I don’t have the time to see all of the panels or go to all of the events that I want, and I always miss out on seeing one of my favorite American voice actors. He attends every year, but I’m always on duty during his panels. So last year, I’m waiting for an elevator to go down to the hotel lobby. The elevators are always packed with people and you have to wait forever, so I decide to just take the next one, even though it’s going up. I end up all the way at the 14th floor and who walks into the elevator? None other than Vic Mignogna. Stunned, all I managed to say was,

“Hi! Ca-, can I hug you?”

“I would love a hug!”

Me and Vic

That hug lasted for about five floors, which sounds weird. But in truth, I was trying to get a picture and this woman could not take a picture to save her life. NOT MY FAULT. But yeah, that was a fantastic moment. Vic Mignogna is cool people.

He is but one of my many hugged targets. I should put a list up of awesome people I have hugged, and awesome people I have yet to hug. Like a hit list, but a hug list. Maybe not…but maybe. Should I? I feel like I should. We’ll see.. I’d need a cool name for it. I’m up for suggestions, friends.

I don’t know why. I feel compelled to hug people I really like. I just have to hug them. Pictures are cool, whatever with autographs, but if I don’t get a hug, what’s even the point. Is that weird? I can’t be the only one. I refuse to believe this is just a me thing.

It doesn’t really have to be famous people either. I drive my friends crazy just walking around town.

A Typical Day

*guy walks past*

Me: Oh my gosh! His hair is amazing! I kinda want to hug him…BRB

Friends: PLEASE stop. Don’t talk to hi-

Me: *catches up to dude* Heyyyyyy…

Guys with awesome hair are my jawn. They all can get it. ‘It’ being a hug of course. And people with cool tshirts, they get hugs too. Sometimes I don’t even need a reason. Hugs are LIFE. You know those people who really don’t like being touched and will jump if you so much as graze their shoulder? What is wrong with those people? I don’t get them. They bother me.

And I have to give good hugs. I take pride in it. Remember this atrocity?

No. Just, no. That is the worst hug ever. What’s Christian about a side hug? Show ALL THE LOVE. You can’t do that from the side. Jesus wouldn’t side hug someone. What the feezy is wrong with those guys? I get mad at people if they try to side hug me. It’s insulting. No, you will bring it in for a real hug, or you can take that side garbage elsewhere. Please, no one do that. Ever.

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